Meet the owner

Hey everyone! My name is Liza and I’m the owner of Everything’s Mmmm. 

 Ever since I was a little girl baking has always been a source of happiness for me. I can remember using my easy-bake oven & getting so excited to see my creations come to life! 
 As an adult I worked in the corporate world and loved bringing in homemade desserts from scratch for my peers to enjoy. Everyone always said that I should open up a bakery one day.

 Fast forward to late 2014, my oldest son was born. I was due back to work 3 months after but due to feeding issues, I was forced to stay out of work longer. He continued to show lots of sensitivities and when he was 7 months old I had to resign. I was now a stay at home mom making lots of homemade foods because my son was still experiencing certain issues when it came to food.
  As a mother, the love for your children will give you strength you never knew you had. It will also push you further than you ever knew you could go. This is the drive that drove me to create “Everything’s Mmmm.”

  At a little over a year old, my oldest son was diagnosed with over 6 food allergies that made it very difficult for me to make a meal plan we could stick to. I quickly discovered how hard it was to find “safe” (nut free) foods in the market, so I began making EVERYTHING from scratch. This meant day to day, as well as birthdays and holidays. I could not find a place that allowed him to consume desserts without risking his life. Little did I know the easy-bake oven days was God setting me up for my adult life and motherhood.

  With much research and preparation I started my journey to give individuals like my son a safe way to consume simple delights. The idea of having both of my sons enjoy a sweet treat without fear of anaphylaxis brought so much joy to my heart that I had to share my vision with you. My vision is to one day have my products available nationwide so everyone can understand what my son means when he says “Everything’s Mmmm!”